Hygiene Routine Set - Face, Body & Beard

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Hygiene Routine Set

The beard, face & body set. A beard, face and body care kit that contains two surgras solid soaps with original natural fragrances, an 80ml organic face & beard moisturizer, an organic face & beard scrub 100ml, a beard comb and a toilet bag to store and transport everything.

1. Organic care. Certified by ecocert. Made in france.

2. Durable accessories. No disposable

3. Ready to give as a gift. Turnkey set


What's in the box?

  • 1 bio exfoliating face mask 100ml
  • 1 organic face & beard moisturizer 80ml - fresh x woody
  • 1 solid soap for men 100g - wild forest
  • 1 solid soap for men 100g - sensei's black tea
  • 1 beard comb - pearwood
  • 1 toiletry bag - black edition